Parish Group


Founded in 2010 with a focus on financial services innovation, Parish Group has been dedicated to delivering value-driven, efficient corporate and private client services to clients in Alderney, Guernsey, and other jurisdictions. We pride ourselves on providing tailored corporate structures including set up, management, and on-going administration of companies around the world.


Parish have an Alderney Office allowing us to provide the required services for eGambling firms to meet the requirements of the Alderney Companies Law. We also specialise in the provision of corporate and private client services and have experience of managing structures and working alongside trusted partners in the areas of yacht & aircraft payroll and holding structures. We can provide services in establishment and management of: 

- eGambling companies in Alderney

- Assisting with the eGambling licence

- Corporate structures

- Trusts

- Private trust companies

- Yacht and aircraft structuring services

- Reporting and accounting services

- Selection of investment managers

- Assistance on Family Office Solutions tailored to your requirements 

We operate a system where clients communicate directly with a director or senior manager so any questions are answered quickly and solutions found in the shortest possible time. Mindful of commercial viability, we keep our overheads low ensuring you get the best service at the fairest price whilst benefiting from our friendly and genuine approach.  

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