Juegos Miami - Speaker interview with Susan O'Leary

Susan O'Leary to speak at Juegos Miami 2019 - 'What to do when it's not all black and white - introducing regulation in a sustainable way'

Juegos Miami kicks off on 29 May and Alderney eGambling's CEO Susan O'Leary will be speaking on the opening day's panel - 'What to do when it's not all black and white - introducing regulation in a sustainable way.'

She spoke to event organisers, Clarion, in advance of the 2019 event:

Give us a brief overview of the topic you’ll be speaking on at Juegos Miami 2019.

The topic is “What to do when it’s not all black and white? - Introducing regulation in a sustainable way” 

The panel will discuss the pros and cons of varying approaches to regulating online gaming globally.  Different markets have different problems and priorities and as such, apply different approaches.  The Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) has been regulating online gaming globally for 20 years and understands the industry, applying proportionate and fit for purpose regulation and recognising jurisdictional nuances.

The aim is to encourage operators and service providers from the illegal markets into the regulated space and highlight the benefits of the regulated environment to a business as opposed to the perception that it is increased cost and burden and innovation choked by red tape.  Regulation done well is the best structure a business can have, but of course it has to be fair and proportionate.

Where do you think the main areas of opportunity are for international companies in Latin America?

Many Latin American countries approach the oversight of the online gaming sector in their home country in distinct ways. As such, there are varying degrees of “opportunity” country by country. 

International companies with multiple regulatory licences elsewhere are considering entering new markets and are looking to markets where the legal position is identifiable and unlikely to affect their suitability to hold their other licences.  As such, markets that offer licences to enter or markets where the legal framework does not expressly prohibit online gaming are the most appealing.  Of course grey markets are also an opportunity for international businesses but they will apply a risk versus reward approach to these markets.

Spanish and Portuguese based or facing businesses are also at an advantage in the Latin American market from a language point of view. Many of our licensees have worked with many Latin American game developers over the years too and are already familiar with their product types. 

What will attendees take away from your session?

Achieving the right balance between player protection and encouraging operators and service providers to the regulated environment from the black market is no mean feat and it will be interesting to assess the different view points from such a diverse panel.

Which other sessions are you most looking forward to at Juegos Miami 2019?

The programme this year is looking really great. The regional updates will of course be of interest and I’m particularly looking forward to hearing from speakers operating in the local space. The insight into any opportunities and challenges they’re facing is invaluable for me to continue to develop my understanding of the market on behalf of both the regulator and AGCC licensees.

Overall, what are you most looking forward to about the event? 

Last year’s event was a great success and we met key players in the industry from many Latin American countries and also businesses looking to expand in the LatAm market.  The participants and guests were very open and the opportunities to develop ideas and collaborate were plentiful. The networking opportunities were great and I met lots of new people and kept in touch with many after the conference and have collaborated in lots of ways since. A great way to develop my understanding of the LatAm markets and changes to regulatory frameworks there.

Juegos Miami takes place from 29-31 May at the Biltmore Hotel, Miami 

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