Long Port Group telecommunications launch

Long Port Group launches a new telecommunications company to service the Guernsey Data Park

Long Port Group launches a new telecommunications company to service the Guernsey Data Park

The Long Port Group has created a new telecommunications company to provide the users of its Guernsey Data Park (GDP) with state of the art services at competitive prices. The company, LP Telecoms, will supply internet access and leased‐line private‐circuits between GDP in Guernsey and other international data centre locations such as London, Paris, Frankfurt, New York, Madrid, Sydney, Singapore, Beijing, Moscow etc. LP Telecoms will provide Guernsey Data Park customers with a wider choice of services and providers than are currently available.

Guernsey Data Park will host a number of leading international data centre operators and users. The recent growth of cloud computing, managed services, media streaming, multi‐player gaming, social networking and electronic trading has resulted in increasing demand for large scale data centres and the Guernsey Data Park is ideally placed to meet this demand. The Guernsey Data Park will combine world class data centre facilities with Guernsey's established financial, regulatory and political stability benefits to create the place to undertake international, off‐shore, electronic business. Large scale data centre users typically require telecommunication connections at speeds of gigabits per second rather than the tens of megabits per second currently on offer in Guernsey. They also require extremely reliable connections with a loss of service of even a few minutes per year being unacceptable.

LP Telecoms will lead the way in providing such services to GDP. The Guernsey Data Park stands ready to deliver the new and exciting high‐skill, high‐value, high technology leg to the Guernsey economy that will reinforce and energise the financial service, enterprise, cloud and e‐gaming sectors. It will also offer opportunities for local legal, financial, information technology and facilities management companies to provide associated goods and support services over many years.

Information for editors The Long Port Group is a dynamic, privately owned property development, regeneration and investment company based in St Peter Port, Guernsey, where it has been responsible for the sympathetic regeneration and redevelopment of several historically significant local sites and extensive UK brown field sites. It has an outstanding track record in groundbreaking projects and a long‐standing reputation as one of the leading developers in the Channel Islands. LP Telecoms Limited will be a provider of fixed line data services to/from GDP. It will not be providing mobile services and will not therefore require a network of masts and radio sites across the Bailiwick. While LP Telecoms Limited currently has no plans to provide telecommunication services to customers outside the Guernsey Data Park, the scale of the connectivity required by the Guernsey Data Park is expected to exceed all other existing off‐island services combined and it can be expected that local businesses and the general public will see indirect benefits through much increased economies of scale in the island's off‐island telecommunications infrastructure.

For more information contact Mr Mark Ogier (Senior Development Manager) Telephone : +44 (0)1481 728 721 Email : mark.ogier@long‐port.com

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