The road to Cloud approval

Earlier this year we proudly announced that the JT Cloud Platform had achieved regulator approval from the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC)

Earlier this year we proudly announced that the JT Cloud Platform had achieved regulator approval from the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC); bolstering our AGCC Data Centre Hosting Certificate License and strengthening our position as Cloud partner of choice.

Just a few months later and we’re on-boarding our first egaming customers, the majority of which are start-ups looking for a cost effective and speedy route to market with compliance taken care of and any risk removed.

It’s at this point however, that we can look back at the process involved to get us to where we are today which was by no means a box ticking exercise.

How we got here

The process to approval required a significant contribution from our dedicated team of experts, some investment at a local level; more importantly, it relied heavily upon close collaboration between JT, the AGCC and independent third-party security firm, NMi.

From the very beginning we understood our platform, its security, and functionality and had every confidence in it reaching the criteria; part approval was given straight off. It was then that it became apparent that our Cloud platform was required to meet a second stage of much stricter requirements than originally anticipated in order to gain full approval.

Determined to continue in our commitment to delivering the first AGCC approved Cloud platform, we undertook an independent audit process (over and above ISO standards).

This included a review of JT’s policies, procedures, controls and documentation. NMi performed an in-depth Security Assessment of our service offering, they then mapped out the results in a comprehensive review of best practice and high-level objectives to enable us to achieve IOS status and meet the AGCC requirements.

Our regulator approved Cloud platform conforms to the AGCC guidelines across three key areas; security; control; and network separation.

• Security - A number of network security services are provided to customers, including Cisco ACE modules, used with multiple security contexts to provide firewall functionality. Intrusion Prevention capabilities are built into the Application Control Engine to detect security intrusions. Client-to-site VPN services provide secure remote connectivity at the Wide Area Network (WAN) edge.

• Control - VMware vSphere provides virtualization and cloud servers to customers via secure virtual machines managed by multiple VMware ESX hypervisors. Customers manage their Cloud servers via the Cloud Admin User Interface or Application Programming Interface (API). The VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler provides failover in case of hardware failure and balances load across the infrastructure.

• Network Separation - The Cisco Application Control Engine (ACE) provides layer 2 isolation between separate Cloud Networks and the MCP architecture provides redundancy across networks, virtualization, and storage layers.

Of the wide-reaching benefits that gaining the AGCC approval has brought to JT, it is the global recognition that our data-centres and Cloud platform now afford.

Moreover, by diversifying our service offering we are now enabling exciting start-ups to reach their full potential. For those looking for infrastructure as a service with access to a portfolio of games as a managed service, we’re fast becoming the partner of choice.

The road to achieving this important industry recognition was not without its twists and turns, however, with a talented team of experts, invaluable support from the AGCC and a Board that is fully behind our endeavour, we succeeded.

When combining this approval with the fact that JT’s data centres were the first and remain the only Service Organisation Certification (SOC) accredited in the Channel Islands, we are proud to demonstrate the very high level of service that our customers can expect from JT.

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