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The Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) is a global leader in eGambling regulation. The AGCC has been regulating eGambling businesses since 2000, perfecting a world-renowned framework founded on years of
practical industry experience.

The AGCC licence framework is simple and logical, essentially categorising licences according to B2B or B2C activities. Providing all application information and AGCC investigatory queries are satisfied promptly, a licence can be granted in as little as 4-12 weeks dependent on variables.

Its risk-based approach means that the regulations applied are proportionate and relevant, freeing licensees from unnecessary administrative burden.

A dedicated relationship manager is appointed to each licensee. The AGCC is able to fully understand the distinctive nuances of each business so that it can apply its years of industry expertise to support the licensee and drive growth.

The AGCC really understands the complete eGambling ecosystem. It considers the complete picture of suppliers, operators and players as well as factors such as responsible gambling, technical and social issues in order to effectively apply the regulations, an approach only possible through experience.

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