The internal controls system - your business blueprint

Integral to the Alderney Gambling Control Commission’s (AGCC) licensing process, the Internal Controls System (ICS) manual provides licensees with access to a unique business consultancy service, with guidance from some of the most experienced minds in the industry.

The Internal Controls System (ICS) manual is a fundamental requirement of the AGCC framework for all licensees. It is essentially the blueprint from which the business operates; a comprehensive document outlining the inner workings of the licensee’s operational processes.

Why does the AGCC require an ICS?

The ICS sets out how the licensee runs its business. It is a way for the AGCC to understand the licensee’s internal processes and procedures that affect licensed remote gambling activity, how it will mitigate risks and how it operates to ensure compliance with the regulations set out by the AGCC. It covers all aspects of a licensee’s administrative, operational and accounting procedures that are relevant to regulation.

How is the ICS created?

Once the application form and deposit have been received, the licensee will be appointed a Relationship Manager. This approach, unique to the AGCC, provides each licensee with a single point of contact to the regulator through an industryexperienced expert. The relationship managers work hand in hand with the licensee to help produce the ICS document, calling upon their years of experience in the field to assist with its creation. While comprehensive guidelines are provided by the AGCC, the licensee is not expected to complete the document alone, without input from the relationship manager.

What’s the benefit to the licensee?

The process of creating the ICS provides the licensee with the opportunity to consider all functions of its business. Working alongside the relationship manager, licensees have the opportunity to tap into the expertise of the AGCC and consult with their relationship manager on every aspect of their business, a unique and valuable opportunity for improving business processes. It also provides a standard from which that business operates, a comprehensive log of every process that can assist the business to grow.

For further information about the ICS document, please view the full Technical Standards and Guidelines for Internal Control Systems and Internet Gambling Systems produced by the AGCC.

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