AGCC at the forefront of international policy framework

AGCC at the forefront of international policy framework

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission has taken a leading role in the development and adoption of a major policy framework for the online gambling industry. The Policy Framework for the Regulation of Internet Gaming was designed to give individual States within the US some guidance on how to enact internet gambling legislation if they choose to do so.

The National Council of Legislators from Gaming States which is made up of legislators from many US jurisdictions that have active gambling industries, has been working on the policy framework since 2013 and has publicly recognised the leading role that the AGCC played in putting these guidelines together. The primary focus of the framework was to address the most important areas that State governments should regulate when legalising online gambling. Ten main issues were highlighted, ranging from taxation and licensing to payment processing, verifying player identities, how to craft multi-jurisdictional agreements and what games can be offered.

It is hoped that having an NCLGS framework to work from should provide legislators with credibility, as it shows that serious thought and input has gone into the issue from a variety of parties.

Robin Le Prevost, Alderney's Director of eCommerce Development says: 'Alderney regards international cooperation between regulatory authorities in what is essentially a cross-border digital industry of the utmost importance to ensure effective gaming regulation. It therefore supports the initiatives of the NCLGS in facilitating cooperation and standardisation and confirms Alderney's position as a major contributor to the development of the industry.'

Written by Alderney eGambling

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