Alderney Launches New Fees Regime

Alderney Launches New Fees Regime

Alderney is reducing the cost of Category 1 (B2C) and 2 licences (B2B) for start-up and new operators moving to the jurisdiction from £35,000 to £17,500 for the first 12 months.

Robin Le Prevost, Alderney's Director of eCommerce Development, says that the island has always been a very cost-effective base for eGambling operations but these significant changes have reinforced that position.

'We recognised that our unique fee-based system, rather than a "tax and duty" system, provides real benefit for established operators but could be improved for new operators moving to Alderney.

'This move adds to improvements we introduced last year. Our Games Developers Certificate can be upgraded to a Category 2 licence, which allows for the operation of a B2B platform, without the loss of any residual value. This means that developers wishing to become platform providers, with all the benefits that brings in terms of swifter and cheaper integration costs, can now do so at a substantially lower cost. This, in conjunction with the recently approved Cloud technology, provides developers and start-ups with a highly attractive environment from where to base their business.'

Mr Le Prevost says that attracting these types of business is a key strategy for Alderney as they see huge potential for games developers going forward. He believes that the industry is 'crying out' for new and unique content as this is an important a point of difference for competing businesses.

'We have already seen companies such as Betable, Cashbet and Gamblit move to the jurisdiction. They provide an alternative entry route to market and this next step establishes Alderney as the go to place for innovation.'

Another change is the introduction of a small fee for B2B operators calculated on their client base. This system, which already exists in the Isle of Man and Malta is levied at a rate of £3,000 per client - a substantial discount to the other jurisdictions.

'We have also extended the bands on which the fees are based to capture higher NGY but again we have been mindful to ensure that Alderney retains its best value position with fees capped well below those in place in other jurisdictions. Alderney has always prided itself as being the most progressive jurisdiction and these amendments underline that desire to continue to set the agenda.'

Written by Alderney eGambling

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