C5 Releases First Techtrends Guide for Channel Island Businesses

C5 Releases First Techtrends Guide for Channel Island Businesses

Today, C5 Alliance has issued a free eBook to Channel Island businesses, explaining the five key trends in technology in 2016 and beyond that are already impacting and disrupting Jersey and Guernsey’s core industries, and shaping the future of the islands’ economies.

Titled “The business techtrends impacting the Channel Islands”, the eBook has been created in response to the growing threats and opportunities that digital innovation is presenting to Jersey and Guernsey’s businesses. It identifies the following five trends as particularly relevant to local industries in the coming year:

1) Working without limits. This chapter examines the impact of digitally enabled remote working models on businesses, and how this fits in with new employment regulations encouraging employers to consider more flexible hours and terms.

2) Data driven decisions. This chapter examines how businesses need to prioritise the collection, collation and analysis of data both to secure strategic advantage and meet regulatory requirements.

3) The rise of SMEs. This chapter shows how the evolution and availability of online services and cloud computing power is enabling new Small-to-Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to outperform large organisations.

4) The Internet of Things. This chapter explores how the data produced from a growing number of connected digital devices can be used to improve business and public services.

5) The cloud. This chapter explores how the cloud is becoming a necessity in business today, and addresses the major issue that Channel Island businesses, especially the finance industry, have with cloud security.

CEO of C5 Alliance, Mark Loane, commented:

“Changes in the global marketplace are rapid, and the Channel Islands must face the opportunities and challenges head on, to ensure our core industries survive and thrive and new ones can emerge. The techtrends the eBook describe don’t just concern our future, they are changing and disrupting our present. This eBook represents C5’s commitment to collaborating with local businesses to ensure the foundations are in place for our islands’ continued prosperity and competitiveness.”

Click here to read “The business techtrends impacting the Channel Islands”. Businesses can keep up to date and have their say on how the techtrends are affecting them using the hashtag #C5techtrends.

Written by C5 Alliance

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