Reflections and Connections

Reflections and Connections

Happy New Year!

As we enter 2017, I've had chance to reflect upon my first full year in the role of Director of eCommerce for Alderney and I feel more positive than ever about the direction of the jurisdiction – the future is bright.

I’ve spent over a year now travelling the world making new connections and strengthening existing relationships. Talking to people about Alderney – what the jurisdiction can offer in terms of licensing, how it can help and support businesses and how it is leading the way in innovative
 and pragmatic regulation.

It has been the opportunity to listen that has proved the most valuable outcome of my year. Through listening to the hopes, frustrations and aspirations of the businesses that I meet, I have a clear sense of what they need from a regulator and how we can assist, rather than hinder, their success.

I believe we are already a leader in our field in terms of our ability to tailor our regulatory solutions to the licensees’ operations. We take a risk-based approach to regulation and our flexible framework can accommodate all manner of new developments and innovations. This framework allows us to be proactive and to embrace new trends – providing bespoke solutions and ensuring we remain at the cutting edge of eGambling regulation.

Technological advancements, ever-changing user demographics and the unpredictable appetites of an entirely new generation of eGambling consumer all provide the industry with daily challenges. As a regulator, we strive to ensure that we remain relevant and attractive and that our offering is future proof and robust enough to withstand the pace of change.

So what lies ahead for my next 12 months?

We’re busy working on some really exciting new projects to be unveiled in 2017 and we still have plenty of ideas in the pipeline. I’ll be focusing on seeking out new connections and continuing to listen to those on the frontline of the industry to ensure that our regulatory regime remains at the forefront of the sector.

Most of all I’m looking forward to discussing how Alderney can work with businesses like yours.

Here's to 2017!

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